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"Shear our Love"!

ビーチが大好きで豊かな創造力を持つ女の子、ビアトリクスのアイデアをママが形にするジュエリー”Candy Calypso"、たくさんの人にハッピーになってほしい、そんな願いがこもったジュリエーです。



Jewelery "Candy Calypso" created by Beatrix and her mother. They loves the beach and loves to make many people happy.  Please enjoy the jewelry that was inspired from California beach and nature and Japanese taste.  Incorporating Japanese materials and designs, we make use of natural materials such as pearls, corals, shells, and natural stones. She creates original jewelry that are mixed Japanese and Western styles. They are all handmade, one-of-a-kind!

You can also purchase Candy Calypso products in Japan.

OrangeTabbyWorld is selling limited edition products in Japan. ​

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